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improved indoor air quality

CleanBeyond can apply a unique and powerful technology that works with the power of light to continuously oxidize airborne organic materials, creating a self-cleaning air purification system that reduces grime, odors, city smog and harmful VOCs in interior spaces. Treated windows, light fixtures, sky lights and other hard surfaces react with the air as it circulates the space creating a continuous and very effective oxidation reaction. The result is a dramatically improved air quality that is odor free and healthy.   Perfect for homes, schools, hotels, office buildings and vehicle interiors.


Residential Living
We offer non-toxic, long-lasting odor removal and air purification as part of residential home cleaning. It’s the perfect finishing touch to creating a HEALTHY HOME. Treat interior windows, drapes and light fixtures.

Commercial & Hospitality
Keeping offices, schools and hotel guest rooms smelling fresh is a constant challenge. Smoke odors, food odors, human odors, mold and mildew can all ruin that positive first impression when guests walk in. Fragrance sprays provide only temporary relief, and some guests are sensitive to perfumes. Now there is a powerful, safe, and sustained-action application that decomposes irritating airborne particulates including VOCs.

Auto & Transit
Whether used in personal vehicles and RVs, or for commercial vehicles such as buses, mass transit, taxis, rental cars and more, the advantages are numerous. Not only do we purify vehicle cabin air (odors), break down VOCs, but reduce window film that causes hazing and fogging.